That was IMAILE’s Suppliers-Procurers Demonstration meeting

From 20-22 September 2016 the first meeting between suppliers and procurers of IMAILE project took place in Magdeburg. Procurers, local experts/assessors,  technical and pedagogical experts and project management team met with our 4 remaining suppliers:

  • SiWay
  • Almerin
  • Finpeda

The suppliers had each a slot of 2,5 hours to present their innovation in its actual state in the mid of PCP phase 2.  The presentation should contain technical criteria and a vision of the supplier on how their innovation can solve IMAILE identified challenges.  During each presentation there was a vivid dialogue in order to provide feedback, ask questions and provide answers from both sides (demand and supply) with a purpose to create a successful innovation with market potential both for the procurers and the suppliers.
Now the feedback process has started and soon further details will be available.

We are all curious to find out more!