This year, two IMAILE prototypes of future personal learning environments (PLE) will come to selected schools to be tested with teachers and students in real scenarios.

Time schedule

  1. Start-up phase (January)
  2. Installation and pre testing phase (February)
  3. First real testing phase (6 of March – 13 of May)
  4. Interim analysis and Data collection phase (Mid  May – End of August)
  5. Second real testing phase (September)
  6. Final analysis and data collection phase (October)

This is an opportunity for schools to participate in a co-design process to shape these PLEs to meet the users demands and expectations of the future. This input/feedback from teachers and students in real classroom environment is of great importance in order to develop further innovative and useful solutions to support STEM personalized learning for our students in the future. IMAILE project appreciates this collaboration immensely. The active Primary and Lower Secondary schools involved in the project are from:

Sweden – Halmstad municipality
Name of school
Web page
Testing group
 One class with 44 students, 5th grade (born 2005)
 Margaretha Eriksson (headmaster) / Li Alyhr, Julia Orrling and Johan Stål (teachers)
 Primary school, Preschool class to 6th grade
The school vision
 “As a student at Valhalla I get acknowledged every day and is given the opportunity to succeed and have influence on my own studies in a safe and stimulating environment”.


Name of school
 Söndrums skolan
Web page
Testing group
Two classes with total of 49 students, 8th grade (born 2002)
Hans Åkerlund/Maria Rüter (headmasters) / Sandra Arvidsson, Hanna Rydne (teachers)
Total 380 students, 6th to 9th grade
Söndrums skolan is a new school with a modern environment and mindset in education. The school uses ICT to support learning. All students in grades 6th-9th are using an iPad as a tool for schoolwork.
Finland – Konnevesi
Spain – City council of Viladecans
Germany – Region Saxony Anhalt


THANK YOU for supporting us!

IMAILE project is extremely grateful for the important work that all teachers and students will be doing when testing the two PLE prototype solutions during 2017. Therefore, we would like to promote our appreciation by awarding, at the end of the testing period, the schools and teachers an IMAILE certification and digital badge to verify the skills of the co-design process and user driven innovation experience.