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“Take a proactive role in designing future learning/teaching”

IMAILE seeks innovative technology to support STEM (Science, Technology, Engendering and Mathematics based subjects) personalized learning in Primary and Lower Secondary Education at EU level. The project started in February 2014 and we are now entering our last project year in 2017, devoted to the implementation of tests in schools at the EU level. It is a unique project within learning technologies being the first pre commercial procurement (PCP) project within the European sector of Education.

The IMAILE Testing Phase has been initiated Mid-January with our final two excellent suppliers and their prototypes of personal learning environments.

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Further information on testing phase



The sector of Education in Europe confronts several major challenges such as early drop outs, financial issues, teachers spending less time with the students due to documentation, the shift into 21st century skills both for teachers and students, low interest in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), as well as an increased demand of personalised learning.

Today there exist many great ICT products, apps and services on the market in order to support e- learning in the European classroom. But few of them are developed in a customized way supporting the implementation of creative learning and innovative teaching with the true pedagogical needs of our schools (end users) in focus.

We believe in PCP as a tool which can be used in order to develop a SUSTAINABLE future of ICT Education in Europe.

IMAILE allows schools and teachers in Europe to face the personalised learning challenge head on by offering them the chance to actively participate in influencing new RTD and development according to the actual needs.

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eTwinning with IMAILE

Parallel to the IMAILE activities an IMAILE eTwinning project will be developed between Sweden, Hungary, Spain, Finland and Germany. Scope of project is to create democratic process for teachers and students in primary and secondary education to influence future personal learning environments in STEM subjects

Through international cooperation and interactive use of ICT both teachers and students can acquire improved knowledge, skills and values. The participants will also gain conditions to become aware and active learners, able to interact internationally with ICT, able to deal critically and creatively to the future challenges by:

  • sharing ideas and information about the use of technology in education
  • inspiring to explore new ways of teaching through technology
  • raising questions and seek answers about technology and education

This project aims to

  1. Focus on teachers’ and students’ use/skills of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in STEM subjects.
  2. Share and evaluate science initiatives, and enhance, enrich and widen access to better practices with ICT.

Age of the pupils: 7 – 14
Used language: English

Contact: Elisabeth Hallén –
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If you as a school or teacher are interested in learning more about the democratic development of future RTD you can enter the IMAILE project by:

  1. Signing up to the IMAILE e Twinning project and following the test and reference groups
  2. Subscribing to our IMAILE newsletter and following the development of our innovative solutions which will be available on the market after PCP stages are completed
  3. Taking part in our events and activities

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