Regional IMAILE Event Halmstad – a great success!

On the 29/11 the Project Coordinator Halmstad launched a successful regional IMAILE event attended by 90 visitors at the University of Halmstad – DLC.
The event program was divided into several sessions with different purposes. Strategic ICT and pedagogical staff from Halmstad met
YIPTREE and AMIGO for expert sessions with Q&A and Round table discussions in the morning.
During the afternoon the IMAILE project and results were presented by the head of Education Department Pauline Broholm Lindeberg,
Project manager Ellinor Wallin, Contract Manager Gabrielle Eriksson and the suppliers YIPTREE and Almerin to a regional audience
composed by policy makers and Education staff. The plenum presentation was followed by a PLE Mingle where the visitors could interact
with Halmstad students and teachers performing a class using the PLE:s , talk to the suppliers, try out and experience the PLE
systems and learn more about PCP from the IMAILE management team.