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“Influence future innovations according to your public actual needs in dialogue with suppliers”

You as public procurers are strong buyers and IMAILE is a great opportunity to learn more about the new PCP instrument that can be used in many sectors (health, energy, environment etc) and influence future innovations according to your public actual needs. The PCP process also supports you in increased technology development and reduces the risk in commercial tendering.

The resulting IMAILE innovations will revolutionise the education system in Europe!


Future plans – looking for procurer organisations

IMAILE partners are planning to prepare a PPI (phase 4) after ending our project in January 2018. In order to strengthen this work we work on a proposal to the following H2020 call: (theme A).

In the project we will create a network of European procurers for Education, detect common future demands, prepare a PPI & a PCP and create a roadmap that can accelerate the use and development of Education technology.

We search for procuring organizations who are interested in real innovation of the Education sector. Please contact Ms. Ellinor Wallin (Project manager of IMAILE) if you would like to join us before 15/3 2017.



On 1 October 2015 an international PCP call for tenders was published at TED database (online version of the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union dedicated to European public procurement).

This call aimed to acquire research and development services of educational ICT based solutions to support personalized learning environments in both primary and lower secondary levels with strong focus on the STEM subjects.

The PCP process will be executed in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Solution Design
    380 000 EUR (up to 8 suppliers funded, duration of 3 months)
  • Phase 2: Prototype Development
    1 520 000 EUR (up to 4 suppliers funded, duration of 6 months)
  • Phase 3: Pre-Commercial small scale product/service development
    1 900 000 EUR (up to 2 suppliers funded, duration of 7 months)Test series: for phase 3, competitors will have to bear in mind the need of testing the prototypes in real scenarios in schools located in Halmstad (Sweden), Magdeburg (Germany), Konnevesi (Finland) and Viladecans (Spain).

Further information and the selection results can be found in the public tender area.

“Enable an instrument that focus on political priorities”

PCP provides the following advantages on a decision making level:

  • Quality of public services
  • Focus on political priorities
  • Improve innovation climate
  • Attract foreign investment
  • Increase employment

Frequently asked questions on PCP and PPI


Contact us

If you are a public /regional / national authority with interest to learn about PCP within Education please contact the project with an invitation and we are happy to visit you and share our experiences on the PCP instrument.

If you are interested in learning more about PCP as a procurer or policy maker/politician you can join the IMAILE project by:

  1. Becoming a member of the IMAILE buyers group by investing in our procurement of RTD
  2. Using our website and subscribing to our IMAILE PCP newsletter in order to following the projects development and learn more about pre commercial procurement within e learning
  3. Becoming first buyers in early R&D and get shared risks & benefits of our PLE solutions

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