PIN was published and RFI II is ready for suppliers

PIN (Prior Information Notice) incl. feature list was published

Request for Information II

The second RFI of the IMAILE project aims at analysing the market in terms of available solutions and their features and functionalities. For this purpose, a preliminary and non-conclusive feature list has been created based on the IMAILE needs analysis. The IMAILE project would therefore like to ask all providers of learning technologies, to provide information if and to which extent the features and functions included in the feature list exist in their current solutions. In the feature list you will find the place to note if the feature is available or not. Additionally, you will find a comment field for each feature. Please use the comment field to provide more information about the integrated feature if seen necessary. We are also happy to receive any kind of feedback on the feature list in terms of room for misinterpretations or misunderstandings.

Please note: The IMAILE project will not buy a final solution, instead the research and development towards the development of a PLE for STEM education will be funded. Therefore, it is critical for the IMAILE project to identify which features and functions are not available in current solutions to identify which research and development activities represent a potential innovation towards a PLE for STEM education.

RFI II – Feature list

Please return your complete list as soon as possible to!