In IMAILE project we apply the following overall PCP methodology

  1. Phase 0 – Preparation of the PCP
  • Market Consultation
    • needs assessment of the demand side (the customer needs – buyers group is always in priority)
    • Assessment of the supply side, including market consultation (our information, communication and dialogue with suppliers)
  • Developing tender documents and
  • Launching the PCP call for tenders
  1. PCP phase (3 stages)
  1. Phase 4 – Joint European Public Procurement of Innovative solutions (PPI)
  • after the PCP is finished, Support to SMEs and startups for commercialization, Launch of PPI



The Pre-Commercial Procurement process will be executed in three phases: solution design exploration, prototype development and proof of concept (original development of limited test series) for the provision of R&D services (the provision of R&D services will never include the commercial development).

Procurers in 4 countries have invested 1.2 million Euro and the European Commission has invested 3.4 million Euro in order to put the project in place and finance the 3 PCP stages and the suppliers who perform the R&D for the project.

  • Phase 1: Solution Design
    380 000 EUR (up to 8 suppliers funded, duration of 3 months)
  • Phase 2: Prototype Development
    1 520 000 EUR (up to 4 suppliers funded, duration of 6 months)
  • Phase 3: Pre-Commercial small scale product/service development
    1 900 000 EUR (up to 2 suppliers funded, duration of 7 months)

    Test series
    : for phase 3, competitors will have to bear in mind the need of testing the prototypes in real scenarios in schools located in Halmstad (Sweden), Magdeburg (Germany), Konnevesi (Finland) and Viladecans (Spain).


The evaluation of bids from the open call and awarding from phase to phase is made by the Evaluation panel consisting of procurers ( buyers group) local assessors / experts and 3 external experts ( Technology, Pedagogy and STEM)