IMAILE Challenge

The common identified challenge among the IMAILE procurer group where we seek new technology and innovative solutions is the detected increased demand of personalized learning solutions.

In detail expected solutions should:

  • Support all students to reach their goals in a personalized way.
  • Create more 1 to 1 meetings between teacher and student in the classroom.
  • Reduce teachers planning hours.
  • Increase students’ motivation to learn STEM.
  • Create a real shift from teacher centered learning to student centered learning (research shows that lessons in math and science still is mostly teacher-centered, with few opportunities for the students to have influence on their own learning and using digital tool).
  • Be applicable to all devices (responsive design for computers, mobile phones, tablets…), our PLE solution should be a tool that can be easily used from the students’ personal devices as well.
  • Be applicable to all learning styles according to the Learning and Teaching Styles (Felder & Silverman, 1988, revised in 2002): active/reflective, sensing/intuitive, visual/verbal and sequential/global.
  • Provide students with a personalised formative feedback and scaffolding, based on their learning paths, needs and styles.
  • Reduce the numbers of early drop outs in a long term perspective


This results in a division of IMAILE overall challenge into several sub challenges related to direct or indirect impact in the fields of pedagogy, technology and society:

Challenge 1
Full implementation of personalized STEM learning approach for all students including SEN (Special Education Needs) support

Challenge 2
Increase STEM motivation and students results by using TEL solutions

Challenge 3
Technology applicable to all devices , interoperability and scalability of innovative digital solutions

Challenge 4
Labor market and increased demand of STEM professionals 2025

Challenge 5
Costs and risks of early school leavers for EU Member States


Suppliers were asked to provide innovative solutions for the next generation of  PLE’s (Personal Learning Environment) that address students in primary and secondary school in the topics of Science, Math and Technology (STEM) and that support different learning styles.

We expect this PLE to follow the student from primary school into Upper Secondary school and Higher education as a long term identity collected in a European Digital Portfolio. We have chosen to develop the PLE within STEM but the framework should be applicable on any other topic.