PCP process

PCP (Pre-Commercial Procurement) in a nutshell

PCP is an innovative instrument that enables dialogue between the demand and supply side in order to create a sustainable development within e learning in Europe.

The PCP method is based on several steps:

  1. European public procurers identify one common mid- to long term challenge that requires new research and development
  2. The challenge is presented to the industry / SME: s in a European call for tenders
  3. Competition and award procedures of participating suppliers take place in order to provide the innovative solutions.
  4. At the end of the PCP process the supply – side (Industry, researchers and SME: s) will have developed innovative solutions using input from the end users and future customers. The demand side (public procurers of ICT in Education) will have acquired a solution which matches their development needs.

In short PCP enables the sustainable development of any kind of market that requires new technology and research in order to meet future challenges which have been identified by the customers.

PCP method

Source: COM/2007/799 & SEC/2007/1668

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