IMAILE@OnlineEduca Berlin

On the 7th of December, the IMAILE project together with its experiences and PLE solutions had the possibility to be presented by Kati Clements from Jyväskylä University to a wider audience during a dynamic panel discussion. Again, great interest was received.

IMAILE made a contribution as key consultant to the session:

Opportunities and Challenges for Education Start-ups in the European Market: Understanding Your Customers’ Needs”

The important lessons learned from IMAILE during the session were:

  • Start-ups can have great growth potential as they are not held back by previous work/ways of working-> better chances to innovate?
  • Start-ups might find it challenging to hire the right people, to understand the customer needs – > Start-ups are often high risk as the competences might not be there
  • When testing with real users (teachers, students) they cannot be just left alone with the software… the testing people need to be able to motivate, help with pedagogical issues as well as technical issues…
  • In a start-up, one person can have a lot more responsibility: Innovative, active people will shine, but it is not for everyone
  • In LearnTech, it’s often difficult to explain something to the user that is happening in the background=> Speak both developer & teacher language…




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