Magdeburg – Demonstration meeting between suppliers, procurers and experts

Supplier presentations of IMAILE PLE STEM innovations in Magdeburg, Germany
20-22 September 2016

For the first time all suppliers of selected proposals entering phase 2 will meet with the buyers group and experts to present their prototypes of innovative PLE solutions with STEM focus.

The purpose of this demonstration session is to enable a face-to-face presentation of interim conclusions, outcomes of phase 2 and the prototype”in its current state of development” to the IMAILE buyers group.

The following suppliers are invited for demonstrations:

3D Virtual STE(A)M Laboratory
Lead: Finpeda OY (Finland, United Kingdom)

Almerin Personal Learning Environment
Lead: Almerin Ky (Finland)

SiWay – STEM it your way!
Lead: imc information multimedia communication AG (Germany, Switzerland, Greece, The Netherlands)

AMIGO – smArt steM learnInG ecOsystem
Lead: Ediciones Don Bosco Salesianos de la Provincia de Barcelona (Spain)


Further information on the solutions can be found in the public tender section.