The main project results are

  1. Validated innovative PLE solutions customised and developed to fit the end users need ready to commercialise and procure on the market
  2. Recommendations and evaluation of joint PCP process within technology enhanced learning in forward looking procurement strategies across boundaries

List of deliverables available for direct download here or in the publication area in case of several documents:
D1.3 – Final report
D2.3 – Reports Capacity Building Seminars (several documents)
D2.4 – Innovation strategy implementation PCP in public sector of participating countries
D3.1 – Guidelines for implementing joint PCP process (incl. IPR)
D3.2 – Launch of European ICT call (several documents)
D3.3 – Report on impact of PCP process for development of PLE solutions
D6.1 – Recommendations of accommodating PLE in primary/secondary school (several documents)
D6.2– Test and reference groups
D6.4 – Exploitation plan SME
D7.1 – Divers dissemination instruments (several documents)
D7.3 – Focus Europe Magazine: special edition on PCP and PLE
D7.4 – Dissemination events incl. 2 final conferences in Sweden and Spain