IMAILE Project

Today there exist many great ICT products, apps and services on the market in order to support e- learning in the European classroom. But few of them are developed in a customized way bearing in mind the true pedagogical future needs of our schools, teachers and students.

The city of Halmstad (Sweden) is coordinating the FP7 project IMAILE where public procurers of ICT in Education from 4 countries (Halmstad-Sweden, Viladecans-Spain, Sachsen-Anhalt-Germany and Konnevesi-Finland) are using the PCP instrument (pre-commercial procurement) to stimulate user driven innovation in cooperation with European ICT industry, research and SMEs.

IMAILE is the first Pre-Commercial Procurement project in Europe in the field of Education and Technology Enhanced Learning with strong STEM focus aiming to make classrooms fit for Education 2030.


The field of Education in Europe is confronting several major challenges at present. Early drop outs, financial issues, teachers spending less time with the students due to the demands of documentation and a low interest in STEM subjects (Science, Technology and Math) are problematic issues.

As well as this we are facing a great shift within our Education systems – the shift from the traditional school to e-teaching and learning and a move towards personalised learning. Our teachers need support from technology to manage this change.

There are thousands of different ICT solutions on the market available to be used in our classrooms but in spite of high investments and a market that offers such a variety of products we are still confronted with a low use of ICT to perform innovative teaching and creative learning in the European classrooms.